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About The Redbucks


It all started when two friends from college, Chip and Luke, embarked on a surfing and fly-fishing expedition in Costa Rica and somehow found themselves in Beijing with a guitar and banjo. They soon met Chris, a desolate young migrant worker from the cotton fields of South Carolina with a knack for the mandolin. Together they formed a bluegrass trio, playing their grandaddies’ music in the honky tonks, brothels, and jukebox saloons of Beijing. Despite the recondite sophistication of the band’s music, the trio failed at stardom and Luke headed off for greener pastures in jolly England, while Chip, devastated at the loss, fell into a downward spiral of drinking and self-neglect. Encouraged by Chris, Chip tried time and again to get his musical career back on track, playing solo gigs in Chinese bath houses and in KTV lobbies, but his disillusionment with mediocrity only grew with every spent whiskey bottle and every tear shed.

In early 2009, however, Luke triumphantly returned to China to rescue his old friend from the bowels of his sordid binge, and together with Chris they reformed the bluegrass group, this time bringing on board recovering alcoholic, Amy Gardner, to play fiddle. The band performed at open-mic nights around Beijing to popular acclaim, and after a romantic encounter between Chip and one of the band’s groupies, Christine Laskowski, the quartet soon became a quintet, with the groupie Laskowski joining on as a singer. Growing in popularity, the Beijing-based bluegrass band saw the need to add depth to their ensemble by bringing on a bass player. It was no small coincidence, then, that they acquired the 1991 Mr. Oklahoma Body Building Champion and one time World’s Strongest Man hopeful, Jackson Garland, to provide the deep pickin’ they needed.

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  1. Ken

    It takes strong hands to play the bass. Only a bodybuilder’s delicate touch could bring such an earthly foundation to a group like theredbucks!

    October 13, 2010 at 7:13 pm

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