Still Buckin'!

Updated Playlist and More Shows

Howdy Buckaneers,

The Redbucks are nearing the end of a much needed vacation.  We’ve got a show booked at the new V.A. Live Music Bar on September 11th and also one at Jianghu Bar on September 24th.  V.A. boasts having the best live sound in Beijing.  We are as curious as you are, but you’ll have to come out on the 11th and find out for yourself.

Also there is a rumor going around about a Redbuck Trio that may make an appearance the week before the gig at V.A. Bar.  Stay tuned for more information regarding this show.

The Redbucks went ahead and updated our online MP3 player with four songs from our album.  If you like what you hear, be sure to download a copy of the album from iTunes or from your favorite digital distributor.

Here’s to an autumn of great music!

-The Redbucks

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  1. Gadberry

    an Arkansas buckaneer here… 😉

    Glad to see you guys on iTunes. I picked up a copy before Dave handed over a cd for a listen..

    Love’n that .45 snub nose Luke!!


    August 22, 2010 at 8:18 am

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