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Qingdao – Day 1

With an early rise to make it out of Beijing, we had to fight the morning traffic. We all proved responsible band members and arrived with time to spare.  After hurrying to the Golden Arches for some homegrown sustenance and coffee, we got on the train for a quick and pleasant ride to Qingdao.

Neil, from Redstar Magazine, the local English-language monthly, came and met us at the train station, and we got a brief glimpse of the cities narrow, winding streets and quaint European vibe (or so the Qingdao Chamber of Commerce would have you believe). He took us to our hostel, an Old Observatory which sits atop a tall hill and normally provides stellar views of Qingdao, were it not for the blanket of fog and pollution.

We napped up for bit and headed to the venue for soundcheck, takeout food, and fresh Qingdao brews.  Despite the torrential rains we had a good showing with mostly Qingdao expats and a good contingent of local Qingdaonese.  We kicked it off with a few fast-paced Bluegrass standards and the crowd was diggin’ it.  We cruised through the first set and got some feet moving.  Jimmy Yeehaw observed that many faces were melted during the performance or the audience had a high concentration of people with downs syndrome.  See recap of the RedStar show.

The evening ended with death nearly adverted, as we made the responsible decision to take the stairs out of the venue instead of an elevator straight out of a horror movie that was flooding with water.

Near death Experience count: 1

Jackson Hive Count: 1

Pictures and video coming soon, Keep Buckin’!

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  1. Michael

    All, I definitely enjoyed yall’s show here in QD, regardless of our unusually high ratio of persons with downs syndrome; I think it was well received by most. As mentioned, there is a good chance a few us are going to be in SZ this weekend, so if it works out, we very well might see y’all again. Keep it up and thanks again!

    Michael (from Austin)

    July 5, 2010 at 10:04 am

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