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Redbucks BBQ and Tour Kickoff

Redbucks in HK

The Redbucks in Hong Kong

Howdy Buckaneers,

The Redbucks are getting into high gear, preparing for our tour down the China coast.  To celebrate the kickoff of the tour, we are having a Redbuck BBQ on the 2 Kolegas lawn at 7:30pm Tuesday, 29 June.

As if things couldn’t get any better, Hobo Luke and Jimmy Yeehaw promised to pull out their smoker they built last year.  Their creation makes the best smoke meat this side of the Pacific and the resulting pulled pork sandwiches are nothing short of spectacular.

Join The Redbucks at 2 Kolegas for a pulled pork dinner and an early evening bluegrass show. There’s no better end to a work day than Bluegrass, BBQ and Booze

Get their early, the pulled pork is going to go fast!


-The Redbucks

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