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Redbuck Hiatus

Howdy Folks, We’ve had a bit of bad news over Christmas.  Uncle Luke has headed back to the homeland for new endeavors and that brings our Beijing based pickers to three.  Therefore The Redbucks have decided to use the coming months to work on new projects. Our February 1st show at 2 Kolegas will be [...]

Daisy Sweetgrass bids Beijing a dulcet a dieu


Yes, it’s true. I’m leaving China. I’ve been tossing around the idea for a while now, wondering if now’s in fact the prime time to depart, or if there’s an opportunity worth waiting for just around the corner. I’ve been in China a little over two and a half years and never expected to be [...]

Updated Playlist and More Shows

Howdy Buckaneers, The Redbucks are nearing the end of a much needed vacation.  We’ve got a show booked at the new V.A. Live Music Bar on September 11th and also one at Jianghu Bar on September 24th.  V.A. boasts having the best live sound in Beijing.  We are as curious as you are, but you’ll [...]

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